Just Build a new Computer based on Asus P5ql Pro Board.

It is a very nice Board with many featurers but it is easy to see that the EIDE era is on its way out now everything is Sata.

I did ad a PCI  EIDE Controller Card so i could use my Hard drives i allready had laying around,when you do that make sure to go into Bios and deactivate the onboard EIDE Controller if you dont Computer will not boot.

I also had to update the Xpress Gate feature Computer would not boot with it Activated in Bios but worked fine after update.

I did have several good Nvidia Graphics Cards but i could not use them in this board cause it was not pci xpress +16.

I dont have any other issues with this board Installed Linux and Win XP pro on it with no problem.

Board support up to 16 gig Ram on a 64 bit system that should be enough for most people.

This motherboard supports the latest Intel® Core™2 processors in LGA775 package. It also can support Intel® 45nm Multi-Core CPU. With new Intel® Core™ microarchitecture technology and 1600/1333/1066/800MHz FSB, Intel® Core™2 processor is one of the most powerful and energy efficient CPU in the world.

  • Intel LGA775 Platform
  • Intel® P43 chipset
  • ASUS EPU -4 Engine
  • ASUS Express Gate
  • 100% Japan-made high-quality Conductive Polymer Capacitors
  • VRD11.1 CPU support (backward support VRD10.X CPU)