Do you Need a good Partition manager look no further

There is many good programs out there like the ones from powerquest partition magic

But another good free solution is Parted Magic.

Parted Magic 3.5 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 25 January 2009 22:06
This release of Parted Magic includes many new features and updated programs. The first thing you might notice is the dramatic increase in size. We are now using a squashfs image instead of a 7zip archive. This once again allows for a “live” option for older computers. Parted Magic doesn’t use any additional RAM with the default boot option, the compression was just decreased. With the Linux 2.6.28 kernel comes the first stable ext4 file system release. We are using a highly tested SVN version of GParted to give you full control of your ext4 partitions. This includes all features for ext file systems found in previous releases. Jason Vasquez has vastly improved support of wireless devices. We hope you have a better experience with your wireless networking. Last but not leased we have added some new programs. gsmartcontrol-0.8.3, xfce4-screenshooter-1.5.0, fsarchiver-0.3.5, and squashfs-3.4 are now part of the Parted Magic program list.

These programs have been updated: libburn-0.6.0.pl01, xfburn-0.4.0, libisofs-0.6.12, linux-, gparted-svn with full ext4 support, dhcp-4.1.0, openssl-0.9.8i, util-linux-ng-2.14.1, gtk+-2.14.6, leafpad-0.8.16, xfce libraries for xfburn to xfce version 4.4.3, memtest86+-2.11, vte-0.19.4, tar-1.21, wpa_supplicant-0.5.11, roxterm-1.13.4, rsync-3.0.5, dbus-1.2.6, dbus-glib-0.78, hal-info-20081127, hal-0.5.11, hdparm-9.8, bash-3.2.48, busybox-1.13.2, galculator-1.3.3, p7zip_4.61, reiserfsprogs-3.6.21, dhcpcd-4.0.7, xfsdump_2.2.48-1, xfsprogs_2.10.2-1, pciutils-3.1.0, ntfs-3g-2009.1.1, lftp-3.7.8.

The Parted Magic OS employs core programs of GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful programs (e.g. Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, and ddrescue) and an excellent set of documentation to benefit the user. An extensive collection of fileystem tools are also included, as Parted Magic supports the following: ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, hfs, hfs+, jfs, linux-swap, ntfs, reiserfs, reiser4, and xfs.

Parted Magic loads completely to system memory and requires at least 300MB of RAM to operate