The internet is known to be one of the fastest growing markets on the planet. Be it from a provider point of view or from that of the consumer.

So why tactician rather than strategist?

Talking about strategies (defined as rather long term approaches) in context to the the internet – which is growing at such breathtaking speed – would not only lead to confusion but would defacto be wrong. Even the term tactics could be a bit misleading yet is the word that matches what he does most.

And what does a web tactician do?

A web tactician

  • consults owners of corporate-/product-/person- related websites about what they can do to improve the return of investment to a website about them, their company or product
  • consults companies that use the internet as a primary of secondary point-of-sale – this would also consist of how the platform could be optimized to increase sales in general, on a geographic (in case of regional deficits) or demographic basis (simplifying the user interface)
  • consults web design and web development firms in achieving better results in sales, establishing connections in terms of outsourcing parts of their work to off shore development centers (that work!) in order to reduce costs
  • consults companies and social networks on how they can improve customer satisfaction and customer relations and how they can make their product more unique to grow the number of members or customers
  • speaks at conferences and expos to share the ascertained knowledge with the masses and give new ideas to the providers of web appearances and associated marketing branches