Biggest hard drive in the world arrives

Two terabytes on four platters

WESTERN DIGITAL seems to be sticking to its guns with traditional spinning platter hard drives whilst all around them are falling to the guile of those new fangled Solid State Drives and their wicked no-moving-parts voodoo.

The latest record breaker from California-based WD is what it reckons to be the industry’s first ever 2TB hard drive.


The 2TB WD Caviar Green sits in a 3.5-inch casing and contains four platters each holding up to 500GB of data.

The drives feature a number of proprietory technologies, including Stabletrac which cuts down spindle vibration, Intellipower which controls the spin speed to save energy where possible, and Intelliseek which cuts down power consumption, noise and vibration.

There’s also something called Notouch which makes sure the recording head never actually comes into contact with the platter which means less wear and tear, and less chance that the reader arm will gouge a chunk out of the disk’s data surface if you drop the thing whilst lugging it about.

The drives, which also come in a 1.5TB flavour, should be available from the usual channels right now with the bigger brother weighing in at $299. µ