The key to having a fast, efficient system is to have the proper hardware configuration  and use the adequate software applications to squeeze as much performance as possible from your machine’s configuration. We’ve already covered some programs to keep your drivers up-to-date and software to optimize Windows registry, let’s take on another thorny issue: RAM memory usage.

The simple truth of the matter is that if your Windows-powered computer has been running non-stop for a long period of time (something like hours on end) and you did not reboot, the memory will get clogged up. Sometimes rebooting is not an option because you are running a process that cannot be interrupted, or simply because the OS takes forever to boot up and you don’t want to wait. Here are two software applications that will solve that problem: MEMORyAL and MemTurbo.

Let’s kick things off with MEMORyAL, simply because it does not cost you a thing. Now, it is not the prettiest piece of software you’ve ever come across, but what it lacks in terms of looks it makes up in functionality: Here is a quick list of features: monitor your total RAM memory and free RAM memory, monitor the total and free amount of virtual memory, monitor total and free disk capacity, Disk Cleanup, Disk Checkup, Defragmentation Wizard, CPU identification and monitoring, BIOS identification, monitor disk and memory write/read speed, test memory area integrity.

MemTurbo will get your system to run just as fast as when you booted it up, and it even comes with a user interface that is easier on the eye (even though in the software world looks should come second to functionality, not the other way around). The downside is that MemTurbo is only free to use for the first 15 days, after that you will have to pay. What you will get is a software application that automatically or manually frees up RAM memory, prioritizes processing power and memory usage, and takes RAM away from idle processes. It also features a built-in task manager.

If you would like to get MEMORyAL, a download location is available here.
If you would like to get MemTurbo, a download location is available here.