When we resize Firefox browser on our screen, it’s probably because the browser is blocking something at the back or we want to fit more browsers on the screen. Resizing manually by dragging the edge usually does the job, but here’s few situation manual resizing may come tedious: * Resize to 800×600 for screen capture * Preview web design in a 1024×768 browser screen. * Place 3 250×100 browsers side by side on a 1024×768 screen To resize Firefox browser to a specific size you can do it with Javascript, and with the use of Firefox bookmarklet (or bookmarking) resizing can be done in just one click. Creating a Resizing Bookmarklet Step 1 Right click on Bookmark Toolbar -> New Bookmark to launch the Bookmark dialog box. firefox resize Step 2 Insert the following into the box: * Name: Give a descriptive name if you are planning to add several bookmarklet. * Location: Place javascript:window.resizeTo(1024,768) into the textfield. Alter 1024 & 768 to create bookmarklet of another size. Both Keywords and Description can be leave blank. firefox resize Step 3 Test your bookmarklet, click and it should resize to it’s specific size.

This tip solved problem with minimize and close button disapering when using Compiz-Fusion in Ubuntu 8.10

Here are some ones I’ve created that I find pretty useful:

Full screen

Half screen (left)

Half screen (right)

Quarter screen (top right)

Quarter screen (bottom right)