How to avoid loosing any

emails,contacts in & keep all Firefox favorite + extension plug-ins backed up

1: For my email I use Gmail in Thunderbird and setup as imap instead of pop that way even if computer go down I can retrieve all my email easy.

2:For my contacts in Thunderbird I use the zindus plug-in to sync with my on line mail account it works good.

3:For my Mozilla Firefox browser I use the Febe Plug-in to backup all my settings favorite search engines and more to a file.

4:For my Calendar i use lightning Plugin for Thunderbird  & gcal provider for sync everything online

Make sure you save that file on another drive CD or other media in case your

Computer wont boot you can always make a clean install and restore everything .

Your email and contacs you don’t have to worry about they will be retrieved when you setup Thunderbird with your IMAP Account