Canonical has just released a new “cloud” service for all users: Ubuntu One starts today as an invitation-based Beta. There are two storage options momentarily: a free 2GB account and a $10/month 10 GB one. If you are familiar with services like Dropbox, Ubuntu One apparently does the same job.
Ubuntu one features

  • Seamless integration with your Ubuntu based computer
  • Sync files between multiple machines
  • Access to your files away from your computers via our web interface
  • Free 2GB Storage Plan
  • 10GB Monthly Storage Plan ($10.00 (USD) per month)

System Requirements

To use Ubuntu One services, we require Ubuntu 9.04 or greater, a internet connection (broadband or faster is recommended) and Firefox or a similar standards-compliant web browser.

Access Ubuntu one from the following URL

If you want to subscribe for an Ubuntu One Beta invitation, you simply have to go to the Ubuntu One website, sign in with your Launchpad account, and wait for the confirmation email.