Compiling from source-code :

All open-source softwares have their source code available to download. If you cant find the application in Synaptic or as deb package, you can always compile the program yourself. In that case, download the source-code of the application (generally provided as tarballs) and extract to some folder. The instructions for compiling the application are provided in README file. Most of these follow same procedure which is

tar -zxvf TARBALLNAME.tar.gz
sudo install

* The first line extracts the archive.
* Second line changes the current directory to the folder created after untaring.
* Third line checks different environmental variables and if all required packages are installed already.
* make program uses the makefile of the applications which decides how programs are compiled.
* The last line puts all the files of application in respective directories.

Pay attention to output after you type ./configure. If there are errors at the end of this step like “Package XYZ is not installed…” you need to install those packages before moving to the next steps by any of the methods explained above. Googling for that message will often tell what needs to be done. If you still cant figure out what is wrong seek help from some guru or the best option is to post on and be discriptive. “Help me Plox!” kind of posts wont do any good to you. After you fix the problems move to next 2 commands and the program will be installed.