Stop Pidgin from using Gutsy`s notification system :

If you have lots of contacts in Pidgin, you must have been annoyed by number of alerts Pidgin shows when you receive new messages, buddy logs in or logs out. Imagine how embarrassing this could be at public places when you are having personal conversations.


This annoyance can be easily fixed by disabling the libnotify plugin of the Pidgin which is responsible for sending alerts to Gutsy`s notification system. Open up the Pidgin, go to Tools -> Plugins -> Untick checkbox next to “Libnotify Popups”. Pidgin will no longer display these alerts. If you don`t want to completely disable these alerts you can configure the behaviour of this plugin by pressing on “Configure Plugin” located at bottom of plugins window.


If you still want to use the pidgin alerts but do not like the Jaunty`s black semi-transparent alerts then there is an alternative – Guifications plugin. It is more configurable as well as completely themeable. Install it with,

sudo aptitude install pidgin-guifications

After the installation Go to Tools -> Plugins -> Tick next to “Guifications” to enable it. Many beautiful themes are available at this Tracker .