Getting started

  • First you must install the libnotify-bin package. To do this, type in a terminal:
    • sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin
  • To see if this works, type in the terminal:
    • notify-send Test "This is a test"
  • Normally, the message “This is a test” should be displayed

Preparing the script

  • Now that the software is operational,its time to create a script with the message that will be displayed at a given moment.
  • In your home folder, create a blank file named “” (the “. sh” is essential, instead of “recall”, you can put whatever you want)
  • In this file, write:
    • #!/bin/bash notify-send "Message title" "Message"
  • and save.

Planning the execution of script

Now you need to run a command that will plan the display of message on-screen

  • Simply type in a terminal:
    • at -f 19:30
  • This, run the script at 19:30.
  • If you want to run a particular day, enter:
    • at -f  19:30 Jul 10
  • It will be displayed July 10 at 19:30

Adding an icon to the message

  • You will need an image or “icon” (PNG), and then edit the file
    • notify-send -i /path/of_image/image.png "Message title" "Message"
  • You can create script message that will work together with Blueproximity and when person come in the house it will show they are home safe as soon they enter house or many other uses let me know if you have any other uses