TALK 2 EXPERTS  is a fast growing online media company and information provider with wide range of services targeting the software industry. It’s a free “Knolwedge Base Resource” in the form of message boards, job search, professional’s directory listing, etc. available to software professionals such as software developers, programmers, consultants, job seekers, recruiters and individuals who are enthused to thrive in information technology.

Founded in 2009, Talk2Experts operates some of the most prominent online communities for software professionals and technology enthusiasts; such as Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Linux, and SAP.

Today, TALK 2 EXPERTS  operates communities for:

* Software Developers
* Internet Professionals
* Software, Hardware Enthusiasts

We maintain and grow these communities by providing the technology and the leadership necessary to make these communities valuable resources for both members and guests. We strive to connect our communities with products and brands that are useful and relevant.

TALK 2 EXPERTS  mission is to create the largest network of vertically-targeted, community-driven “Knolwedge Base Resource” which is free.